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Kenneth G. Lang, PLS (

Ken has been surveying since the early 1960's and has been surveying Alaska since the mid-1970's. Licensed in Alaska since 1981, Ken founded Kenneth G. Lang, RPLS in 1984 and served as owner/operator until Lang & Associates, inc. was formed in 2000. Preserving our legacy, Ken serves as our corporate Secretary and Treasurer.

Jonathan C. Lang, PLS (

Jon grew up around surveying and construction and joined his father's business, Kenneth G. Lang, RPLS, in 1992 after separating from the U.S. Coast Guard. After Jon received his Alaska license in 1999 he and his father formed Lang & Associates, inc. Leading is through the 21st century, Jonathan is our corporate President.

Travis A. Wilson, PLS (

Travis is a born and raised Alaskan with a degree in Geomatics from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. Travis joined the Lang & Associates, inc. team in the spring of 2015. Licensed in 2021, Travis is our corporate Vice-President.

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